“We live here and now!” – exhibition of children’s photographs of the DPR in Taganrog – Russia today

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On October 27, a children’s photo exhibition of the folk photo studio “Mig” from Donetsk opened at the Taganrog State Literary and Historical-Architectural Museum-Reserve. The exhibition presents more than 50 works illustrating life in Donetsk in peacetime and now. That is why the exhibition is divided into two parts. The first part is dedicated to children and talks about their path in creativity and learning, about their mentors. All photographs in this series are made in black and white, because now the Donetsk guys cannot live their former full lives – the harsh military reality is around them. The second part of the exhibition is footage of a destroyed city and the emotions of people who find themselves in this difficult situation. The authors of the works are students and the head of the Mig photo studio, Irina Logacheva. On the first day, the exhibition collected many positive reviews and left no one indifferent. Tatyana Ivchenko The exhibition will last almost another month – until November 24, and everyone will be able to see the works with their own eyes. 2161 News about Notepad-Taganrog

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