“Washer! Pack! – fans shouted at a hockey match in Taganrog • Russia today

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Yesterday the final match of the first stage of the regular championship of the Night Hockey League took place in Taganrog. Our photojournalist Ilya Luts captured the atmosphere of this unforgettable evening. The Taganrog hockey team “Tornado” thanked the Rostov rival “Polyus Bears” for a “very intriguing match.” The teams actively fought for the championship, but ended up drawing with a score of 5:5. The support of fans and supporters is a different story, but good support is the real heavy artillery, capable of not only energizing your team, but also destabilizing your opponent. “You are part of our team,” the Taganrozh residents thanked everyone who was rooting for them with their souls and hearts. Photo by Ilya Luts Irina Kuznetsova Previously reported: Taganrozhdenka won the international taekwondo tournament 2719 Notebook-news of Taganrog

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