VyatGU Rector Valentin Pugach met with 100 graduates of the class of 2023 who entered one of the largest universities in the Kirov region.

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On November 2, a meeting was held between the rector of Vyatka State University Valentin Pugach and first-year students – school graduates of 2023 who scored 100 points in one or more academic subjects based on the Unified State Examination results. Examination. Without pathos and officialdom – this attitude to communication was given from the very beginning. The meeting participants sat down over a cup of tea – the conversation turned out to be informal, lively and sincere. Valentin Pugach noted that getting 100 points on the Unified State Exam is an undoubted success, and asked how each of those present could do this, “achieve such a life.” With my work. To achieve something, you need to work a lot,” said Law Institute student Alena Baksheeva, who came to Kirov to study from a neighboring region. Interest in knowledge, conscientious attitude to responsibilities, independence – these qualities are also characteristic of modern youth striving for development. Is she ready, the director asked, to become the region’s intellectual elite in the future? Do you feel these qualities in yourself today? It’s too early to talk about this now. There is usually a fear that a hundred points may remain the greatest achievement. We must remember this and constantly grow further,” noted future philologist Alina Yanchuk. Valentin Pugach, paying tribute to such a balanced and responsible position, shared: The university participates in the development of the region, creates a place where one wants to live. And we need people with whom we can build and develop, become better, solve many problems and tasks. I would like there to be as many like-minded people as possible. The vice-rectors of the university joined the conversation. Everyone was also interested in the following question: why did the guys choose Vyatka State University? After all, with such glasses you could enter any capital! It turned out that many are not biased towards the Kirov Regional University, realizing that good, high-quality, real things can be found not only far away, but also nearby. Warm words were heard several times about the new model of teacher education – the correctness of one of the largest universities in the Kirov region, which provides the opportunity to choose educational trajectories, was confirmed. They were really interested in this opportunity and took advantage of it. It was expected that the support measure adopted at the regional level would also be effective. Back in the summer, the governor of the Kirov region, Alexander Sokolov, signed a resolution on the payment of a scholarship in the amount of 30,000 rubles per month to students who scored 100 points and became students of federal state universities located in the Kirov region. The meeting participants confirmed that the measure had attracted attention and the scholarship was a great help. Students and leaders discussed many more diverse topics, but the conversation did not end there. Valentin Pugach admitted that receiving feedback from students remains a constant priority for him. The doors of the rector are open to those who want to identify a problem, make a proposal or become a participant in university projects. First-year students have already become involved in the life of the university and are full of initiatives. In the meantime, they shared their first impressions of Vyatka State University. It’s great here! VyatGU is one big family. People are close to each other. Excited! Very good teachers, kind and understanding. We have a great group, we all participate in different events. We were interested in learning about volunteering. Dear freshmen, may this attitude remain and may your expectations be met! New successes await you ahead!

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