They want to solve the problem with road signs for electric scooters in Tomsk in 2024

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Dmitry Kandinsky / The Tomsk administration will consider the possibility of installing signs regulating the movement of electric scooters and hoverboards in 2024. It was previously reported that since March SIM has been included in the Traffic Rules. These are electric scooters, electric skateboards, hoverboards, Segways, unicycles and other similar means. The maximum speed on them is 25 kilometers per hour. It was assumed that traffic would be regulated by special road signs. In Tomsk, the corresponding signs have not yet been installed. The mayor’s office said that locations will be identified where installing such signs will make a difference. “The possibility of installing such signs will be considered next year,” the acting director told editor. Deputy Mayor of Tomsk for improvement Nikolai Glebovich. According to him, the estimated cost of one sign with a road stand and the work on their installation is approximately 7.5-8 thousand rubles.

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