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The process of ice formation on the rivers of the republic continues, the Central Hydrometeorological Service of Komi reported. Freezing with polynyas is observed on the Vychegda River near the village of Ust-Nem, on the Nivshera River near the village of Troitsk, on the Vashka River near the village of Vendinga, in other sections of the Vychegda rivers and in the middle part. In the basins and rivers of the extreme south, the banks have been preserved; slush and ice drifts of varying intensity are observed. Ice formed on the Tsilma River. On the Izhma River in the Ust-Ukhta region and in the upper reaches of the Pechora above Yaksha, in open areas of the rivers of the Pechora basin, mudflows and ice flows of varying intensity continue.

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