The Germans cannot leave the Gaza Strip and accuse the government of indifference

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So far, about 30 German citizens have been able to leave the Gaza Strip, but many people with German passports are still stuck in the war zone, German TV channel tagesschau reported. They are demanding greater action from the federal government to get them out of the war zone. But now leaving the Gaza Strip is becoming even more difficult. “Nothing is happening, requests to the embassy remain unanswered,” said German-Palestinian citizen Mazen Eldanaf. Eldanaf lived in Bonn with his wife for 43 years and came to the Gaza Strip for a few days to visit relatives. In recent days, he had seen hundreds of foreign citizens leave the region, but there were almost no Germans. “I’m just disappointed in our government. We have businesses, we have employees, we pay taxes, we vote, but when it comes to our salvation: nothing,” he said. His four adult children in Germany can’t help either. Nobody listens to them. According to the Egyptian Red Crescent, 1,102 foreigners and Palestinians have fled the Gaza Strip since the start of the Gaza War. Several hundred Palestinians with German citizenship are currently still in the war zone. Germany’s Foreign Ministry said it was working «intensely» to allow German citizens to leave the Gaza Strip. According to Egypt, a total of about 7,000 foreign citizens from 60 countries will leave the country. But it seems that this is no longer possible. Following an Israeli attack on a convoy of ambulances, traffic from the Gaza Strip was suspended. Injured Palestinians, as well as foreigners and Palestinians with dual citizenship, were affected. Security sources in the Gaza Strip said foreigners could not leave the Gaza Strip until the wounded were brought to Egypt. At the same time, a source close to the Egyptian Red Crescent said that the organization’s employees were ordered by the authorities to temporarily stop transporting wounded Palestinians because it was necessary to create safe routes for ambulances from the Gaza Strip to the Rafah border. . crossing The Israeli army said it attacked ambulances used by the Islamist Hamas movement. The Israeli military claims that there were several terrorists there who were killed in their strike. The Palestinian Red Crescent condemned the attack on the ambulance convoy. The rocket attack reportedly killed 15 people and injured 60 others. At this time, the accuracy of the information on both sides cannot be verified.

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