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Many studies have been conducted to study metabolism and the characteristics of the process of gaining extra pounds, as well as losing weight. Based on their results, experts have determined the most effective ways to lose excess fat without necessarily “working” in the gym. Endocrinologist at the Moscow State University Clinic, Doctor of Medical Sciences and author of books on metabolism and weight loss, Zukhra Pavlova, chose the TOP 10 most effective tips for those who want to lose weight, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports. 1. Start your day with protein. It fills you up, helps control your blood sugar and builds muscle mass. Include eggs, poultry, fish, Greek yogurt, etc. in your breakfast 2. Watch your portions. Use small plates to make it easier for you to control how much you eat. 3. Stay hydrated. If you drink enough water, you’ll want to eat less and your digestive system will work more efficiently. 4. Eat less foods with sugar. They contain a lot of calories and affect your overall health. 5. Try drinking less coffee. Yes, this drink is healthy for most people, but for people with diabetes, for example, caffeine can make it difficult to control their glucose levels. 6. Write down what you eat and how your body reacts to those foods. Symptoms such as fatigue, upset stomach and poor sleep can sometimes indicate a metabolic imbalance. 7. Avoid sugary drinks. Soda and juices are “empty calories.” They have no nutritional value but are high in sugar. 8. Get enough sleep. Chronic lack of sleep can make many weight loss methods less effective over time. 9. Eat more non-starchy vegetables (carrots, peppers). Research shows that their consumption leads to significant weight loss in healthy people and reduces the risk of obesity. 10. Drink less alcohol. These are also “empty calories” that also cause inflammation in the body. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages is a risk factor for obesity.

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