The Day of National Unity in Vladivostok continued with songs about patriotism and war.

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After the folk games, traditional dishes and national costumes that could be seen on the main square of Vladivostok on National Unity Day, the concert moved to Sportivnaya Embankment caused bewilderment among the townspeople. It all started with songs about war, death and patriotism. Many spectators missed the Pacific Fleet Song and Dance Ensemble, which was scheduled to perform next. Events dedicated to National Unity Day began today on the central square and continued with a concert on the Sports Harbor embankment. The few listeners sat on benches near the stage. “The song that will be played now is dedicated to the events that occurred in the mid-90s – the first and second Chechen wars. The song is called “Moscow – Makhachkala,” said the lead singer of the Maestro group from the stage. The rest of the songs were about the same thing – about war, death and patriotism. Many listeners did not expect this from the concert program during the holiday and began to disperse. “Strange. Day of National Unity and songs about war. And this is the city center. They sing about coffins,” said random listener Elena. The performance of the Maestro group will continue until 18:30. Following her, the ensemble of the Pacific Fleet will take the stage. The concert will end with a delightful program by electronic musician Roman Golubev “This is my country.”

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