The bridge collapsed in the Tomsk region due to rising water in the river. 2 villages cut off

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Dmitry Kandinsky / The destruction of the bridge over the Kiya River occurred in the Zyryansky district of the Tomsk region, the cause was rising water. Two villages are cut off from the mainland; Road workers are solving the issue of transport accessibility for delivering essential goods to the population, the regional administration reported. “Tonight in the Zyryansky district, on the 12th kilometer of the Mikhailovka-Tukai highway, as a result of rising water levels in the Kiya River, a low-water wooden bridge was destroyed. As a result of the destruction of the bridge, transport accessibility to the villages of Okuneevo and Tukai, located on the right bank of the river, is temporarily limited,” the administration said. Experts note that the bridge is prefabricated; Every spring it is dismantled during the passage of the flood, and after its passage it is reassembled. An alternative transport connection is possible at the roundabout on the road from the village of Okuneevo to the village of Prushinsky with access to the regional road Bolshe-Dorokhovo – Teguldet for off-road vehicles. “Road services are taking measures to ensure alternative transport accessibility on the right bank of the river and delivery of essential goods to villages,” the White House emphasized.

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