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In the Taganrog City Court, a trial is currently underway regarding labor relations between individual entrepreneur I.V. Krutetsky. and Yusupov V.V. According to the latter’s court, he worked as a driver for an entrepreneur for 2 weeks. At this time he was transporting cargo to the city of Kovrov. During the trip, the Gazelle did not have insurance, so the driver had to pay fines, and the car also broke down. As a result, the driver, according to him, did not receive a salary of 40 thousand, in addition, they wanted to force him to continue working on a broken car. “The accused refused to sign an employment contract and other documents provided for by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, citing the fact that he urgently needs to leave so as not to miss deadlines, and we will sign all the documents after I return from the flight,” the victim explained in the statement of claim why he was not hired under contract. According to the injured driver, he is not the only one who worked for the contractor and did not receive a salary, so he contacted our editorial office to find these people and file a collective complaint. If you also suffered due to the actions of this individual entrepreneur, then call + 7 939 369-80-00 Pautova D. Previously, we reported that “There is 1 person for the entire supermarket. Soon we won’t be there either” – there are not enough employees at Magnit in Taganrog. Kadzhero Taganrog has already reported that there is a shortage of factory workers in the city. 2461 News about Notepad-Taganrog

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