Shoigu presented the stars of Heroes of Russia to the commander of the motorized rifle regiment Ivan Kleshcherev, the commander of the motorized rifle brigade Roman Fedorov and Sergeant Yuri Shcherbakov.

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During the fighting, Kleshcherev led an assault detachment to carry out a counterattack, as a result of which the enemy lost 11 tanks, 10 infantry fighting vehicles and more than 170 militants.

As a result of Fedorov’s actions, ambushes and barriers were correctly set up, with the help of which 20 attacks were repelled. Under the command of Fedorov, 12 tanks and more than 230 Ukrainian attack aircraft were destroyed.

Shcherbakov, acting as part of an ATGM crew, destroyed 9 enemy tanks, 4 armored personnel carriers, and 12 infantry fighting vehicles during the special operation.

“I feel proud of my regiment”

Ivan Kleshcherev, who received the Hero of Russia star, said that during defensive battles his regiment destroyed more than 200 units of Ukrainian Armed Forces equipment.

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