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Soldiers under fire for two hours
They carried the fighter out in their arms,
The brotherhood of warriors is strong and holy,
They don’t leave their own people in it in battle.

Two hours endlessly, nearby,
Like endless hail from heaven,
Shells exploded above them.
The wounded forest fell into splinters.

But the soldiers came under fire,
None of them were affected.
“How did this happen, guys?
What miracle saved you all?”

Their story, masculinely stingy,
In silence from the first sentences to the end
Suddenly it sounded for the first time without swearing,
Only the scratchy speech of the hoarse man scratched.

The commander – silent and in charge –
Short, broad-shouldered Andrey
One turned out to be Orthodox
Among his militia friends.

“We need to pray, boys.
Before you go out to your friends,
Let us first be baptized three times,
And ask God for salvation.

Repeat after me word for word
“Our Father in Heaven.”
Let this be new to some of you,
But now it concerns us all!”

And the prayer flew to Heaven,
Hot like a candle flame!
There was a bloody terrible battle,
But it only sounded louder in the night

Suddenly the clear word of Christ
” Our Father! Like in Heaven!”
The Lord providedly directed the path
And he brought them all out with prayer.

Soldiers under fire for two hours
They carried the fighter out in their arms
We walked for the first time without a bad curse word,
With “Our Father” on withered lips…

Author Irina Trusova

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