Rural schools in the Tomsk region received more than 20 new buses in 2023. There will be another holiday

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Archive photo by Dmitry Kandinsky / Municipalities of the Tomsk region received the keys to new school buses, they will begin running after the end of the holidays, the regional administration reported. 12 transport units will go to the villages of Seversk and Svetlensky Lyceum. The Federation provides regions with new school buses. At the beginning of this year, 14 school buses arrived in the Tomsk region and were handed over to municipalities. Now the region has received 12 more transport units; Governor of the Tomsk Region Vladimir Mazur presented the keys to the heads of cities and districts. Buses will go to Bakcharsky district (to the regional center), Verkhneketsky (to Bely Yar and Klyukvinka), to Kozhevnikovsky (to the regional center and Zaitsevo), to ZATO Seversk (to Samus Lyceum), to Tomsky district (to Rassvet, Oktyabrskoye). ) . , Kopylovo, Molodezhny and Kaltai), as well as to the Governor’s Svetlensky Lyceum. According to the administration, buses will begin running at the beginning of the second school term. By the end of the year, the Tomsk region will receive another batch of transport for schoolchildren. “In the Tomsk region, with its huge distances between residential areas, a school bus means access to education, safety and comfort for children,” noted the head of the region. Today, the school fleet of the Tomsk region includes 268 buses that transport more than seven thousand students on 300 routes.

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