Rosstat listed the products that have risen in price the most since the beginning of the year

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Over the 10 months of 2023, prices for bananas increased the most in Russia – by 42.08%. Chilled chicken prices rose by 29.02%, cabbage rose by 22.29%, and tomatoes by 21.17%. Vegetables and fruits increased in price from 11 to 15.11%. Rosstat specialists noted that there was not even a seasonal decline in prices for these goods. Over the last week of October, eggs rose in price by 2.3%, sausages – by 0.8%, sterilized milk – by 0.2%. According to RIA Novosti, until October, annual inflation exceeded 6.6%. But Russians feel a 14% increase in prices. The volatility of the ruble affected prices. And this applies not only to imported goods. Logistics are also important – they have become more complex and therefore more expensive. Chairman of the Presidium of the Association of Commercial Companies Igor Karavaev said that the average tariff for road transport from Moscow to the regions has increased by almost 50% since 2021, on southern roads – to 60.

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