Prosecutor General Krasnov is asked to check Pugacheva’s statements about Russia. – Russia today

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In the midst of singer Alla Pugacheva’s return to Russia, several statements were sent to Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov calling on him to check his statements. Some of them were received at the request of the Tsargrad TV channel. “What a blessing – those people whom I always could not stand hate me. They were serfs, they became slaves,” the star said, in particular. In addition, when asked how she copes with the targeted persecution of her family, Pugacheva replied: “I look at the sky and say: “Lord! Forgive these poor corrupt creatures, hypocrites and liars, because they don’t know what they are doing.” Krasnov was also informed that Pugacheva participated in a festival organized by singer Laima Vaikule in Latvia, the proceeds of which were intended for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on Pugacheva’s arrival in Russia: “Every citizen of Russia is a respectable, law-abiding citizen of Russia – he always freely returns to his homeland, the Russian Federation, and just as freely leaves it for various purposes,” he is quoted as saying REN TV. According to Russian media, the day before Pugacheva returned to Russia without her husband and visited her castle in the village of Gryaz, and the next day she left for St. Petersburg. Let us recall that in April, the head of the Federal Project on Security and Anti-Corruption, Vitaly Borodin, asked the Prosecutor General’s Office to check the artist for funding the Ukrainian army. As Reedus previously wrote, in September last year, Pugacheva appealed to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation with a request to recognize her as a foreign agent. The singer did this as a sign of solidarity with her husband Maxim Galkin*. * included by the Russian Ministry of Justice in the list of foreign agents.

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