Дискотека, световое шоу и фейерверк ждут владивостокцев в новогоднюю ночь  

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For the upcoming New Year, a festive city, a large slide, and a stage will be installed on the central square in Vladivostok. How they will look is still unknown, as the concept of New Year decoration is still being developed. On December 31, there will be a concert with a disco so that people can dance and enjoy a light show. The festive program will conclude with a fireworks display two hours before midnight as usual. Svetlana Shupiro, head of the culture department of the Vladivostok administration, stated in a social committee of the Duma that the concept of New Year decoration has not been approved yet and is currently being developed. However, festive lights have already begun to hang on the lampposts. The central square is traditionally planned to have a New Year’s town, a large slide, and a stage, which, as Svetlana Shupiro emphasized, is part of the famous concert equipment. The installation of the Christmas tree and the presence of a large ice rink were not discussed in the committee. “On December 31, a festive concert program is planned from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. An hour-long concert and an hour of New Year’s disco. We understood that the format needed to be changed because people were standing still and watching. I want to dance and actively participate,” said Shupiro. A light show will also take place in the central square. Closer to 10:00 pm, the city’s leaders will greet the residents, and exactly at 10:00 pm, the festive fireworks, which will last 8 minutes, can be admired. At the same time, there will be fireworks on Russky and Popov islands, as well as in Beregovoy and Trudovoy for 3-4 minutes,” said Svetlana Shupiro. It is worth noting that the arrival of 2023 was celebrated without a concert program on the square and without fireworks. The expenses for this were excluded from the city budget. The arrival of the new year, 2024, is planned to be celebrated with Christmas trees for 2000 students who have excelled in their studies, creativity, or sports. It used to be known as the mayor’s tree. It is planned that there will be festive performances in the areas in front of the cinemas, followed by a movie screening, and then the distribution of sweet gifts, which will be “Primorsky Confectioner” products. For all other children, a festive mood will be created in the Sun Park on Borodinskaya, in the parade park with Kitenkom on Russkaya, in the park on Dobrovolsky, on Neibuta and Anna Shchetinina streets, on Russky and Popov islands, in the villages of Beregovoy and Trudovoy. Deputies requested to hold performances in “Egersheld” and “Pervaya Rechka,” and the Department of Culture promised to try to send animators there. In the former “House of Books” (Svetlanskaya, 43), from December 9 to 30, there will be a New Year’s fair of coastal crafts, exhibitions, master classes, and a “Santa Claus Living Room” zone. The fair will have a ceremonial opening with live performances.

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