People’s Unity Day is celebrated in Vladivostok (PHOTO)

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National Unity Day is celebrated on the central square of Vladivostok. From the stage they sing songs dedicated to Russia and the Far East, teach folk games at thematic venues, demonstrate national costumes and instruments, arrange medieval sword fights, sell dishes of Korean, Buryat, Georgian and Russian cuisine and hot tea. . pours out freely. The celebration will last a little over an hour, and then continue with a concert on Sports Embankment. The event began at 12:00 with the raising of the flag of the Russian Federation. Then the governor congratulated the townspeople from the stage. “This holiday symbolizes patriotism and unity of our multinational people. The unity of the peoples of Russia has always helped it win victories and become a decisive force. This is the key to its power and prosperity today. Primorsky Krai is a bright representative of good neighborliness – representatives of more than 140 nationalities live here in peace and harmony. This is our strength,” Oleg Kozhemyako addressed the Primorye residents from the stage. After this, the concert began – the groups performed patriotic songs dedicated to Russia and the Far East. And tents were opened on the square, in which they told the townspeople about board games, musical instruments, amulets and dishes of the peoples of Russia. For example, on the website of the Republic of Buryatia, guests can learn about the folk game of darts “Shagai Naadan”. “These are real lamb bones. We cook them, then clean them. We knock out identical dice. If you hit, you take out the hit. These are the same, for example. It is necessary to hit so that the same bones do not touch others. If I hit other bones, it means I lost, and now it’s someone else’s turn,” Victoria explained. And in the Korean tent, townspeople can learn about the operating principle of the national instrument – the gayageum – and listen to how it sounds – there is a speaker on the table that reproduces the melodies played on it. “This instrument is called a gayagyum, which is a Korean harp. It is played with fingers and a pick. There is also a national hat, this is part of the hanbok costume,” noted Vladislav. Representatives of the Tatar-Bashkir public organization “Tugan Din” offer to try chak-chak; in the tent of the Republic of Belarus they teach how to make a doll-amulet, and in Ukraine – a bracelet-amulet. And in one of the tents, guests are introduced to Dymkovo and Zhostovo. , Mezen and Gorodets patterns. Dymkovo painting is most often used on clay figurines; it is very bright and looks like it was made by children. Zhostovo painting is perhaps the most famous – Zhostovo trays, bright flowers on a black background. Gorodets painting is first painted with broad strokes, only then supplemented with small details. Mezenskaya uses two colors – red and black, it is more reminiscent of cave paintings, but each loop and each figure has its own meaning. For example, spruce is a symbol of masculinity, a horse is light,” said Angelina. An entire medieval street formed on the square. Here townspeople can work in a forge, shoot with a bow and catapult, and see an early Middle Ages battle. “There are Vikings, Anglo-Normans, Byzantines. Each nation has its own costume. We fight with swords, spears, axes. Our equipment, of course, is configured for safety – so as not to hurt each other. For example, here is my sword, it’s not even sharpened, but it can still be dangerous, so we don’t practice injections. But the armor is real—mine weighs 7 kilograms,” shared one of the participants, Roman. You can refresh yourself in shops offering dishes of Korean, Buryat, Georgian and Russian cuisine. Prices range from 300-500 rubles. In addition, in almost every tent, citizens are served free hot tea. Entrance to the square is free, there are metal detectors. They are installed on the side of the cathedral and in the parking lot. After 17:00, Unity Day celebrations will continue at the Sporthaven seafront amphitheater, where a concert is planned.

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