On November 7, voting on the “People’s Initiatives” project begins in Irkutsk.

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Citizens will be able to choose projects that will be implemented in Irkutsk as part of the People’s Initiatives program in 2024 from November 7 to 24. The collection of applications took place in the regional center from October 2 to October 13. During this time, 66 proposals were received, of which 52 were chosen for voting, including 13 in the Leninsky district, 10 in Pravoberezhny, 12 in the Sverdlovsky district and 17 in the Oktyabrsky district. Ideas that receive the maximum number of votes will be financed from regional and municipal budgets. “Irkutsk annually participates in national projects and regional programs. This allows you to create a comfortable urban environment: renovate the courtyards of apartment buildings, repair roads and sidewalks, improve spaces for sports and recreation. “People’s Initiatives” is a popular goal among Irkutsk residents. Traditionally, residents actively propose ideas and vote for the most interesting ones. Of course, the participation of citizens in the implementation of projects is important and invaluable. We will continue this practice,” noted the mayor of Irkutsk, Ruslan Bolotov. Places for personal voting will be located in city district offices: Sverdlovsk district: Tereshkova street, 24; Leninsky district: Marshal Govorova street, 3; Pravoberezhny district: Marata street, 14; Oktyabrsky district: December Street, 27. work on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00. You must have a passport with you. Unlike previous years, this time they gave the opportunity to vote in person on weekends. Everyone will be accepted in November the same addresses 11 and 18 from 10:00 to 15:00. You can also vote online. Voting will be available on the State Services feedback platform. Irkutsk has been participating in “People’s Initiatives” since 2016. During this time, about 120 proposals from residents were implemented, and another 20 were implemented this year. Among them are the arrangement of children’s playgrounds on the Ushakovka embankment, in the Slavny microdistrict, sports grounds on Karpinskaya and Frank-Kamenetsky streets, the installation of the “Sinyushina Gora” and “Oktyabrsky District” steles, and the improvement of Vladimir Bronstein. square and much more.

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