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A united country, traditions, culture: the Day of National Unity was celebrated in the Komi Republic A united country, traditions, culture: the Day of National Unity was celebrated in the Komi Republic On the Day of National Unity, festive events and bright events took place in every municipality of the Komi Republic for residents of the region. Members of the United Russia party joined in organizing the celebration. In Syktyvkar and Usinsk, party members took part in a motorcycle rally dedicated to the holiday. The rally participants expressed support and respect for the history and traditions of national unity, symbolizing the unification of the various peoples and cultures of Russia. A column of cars decorated with flags drove along the main streets of the cities, attracting attention and delighting residents. Also in the capital of Komi, activists of the local branch of United Russia held a festival of national unity “Friendship of Peoples – the Wealth of the Capital” for the secretaries of the primary branches of the party. The festival included the demonstration of a festive musical card in different languages ​​and tea drinking with various dishes of national cuisine. “Russians, Komi, Chechens, Tatars and more than a hundred different nationalities live next to us on the territory of our republic and country. All with their own unique traditions and customs. Holidays like today help us plunge into the world of a distant culture. People close to us. After all, our strength is in unity and only together, working as a team, we are able to reach all heights,” said Anna Du, secretary of the Syktyvkar local branch of the party, president of Syktyvkar. Advice. In Ukhta, party members held open lessons with thematic presentations in honor of National Unity Day for primary school students. Also, the secretaries of the primary branches of the party, Natalya Prokhorova and Raisa Fedorova, conducted a local history lesson for children on the topic “Cultural Features” about the identity and traditions of our unique region. “It is important that children know their history and remember the origins of this holiday. I believe that such meetings are very important because they help to remember key historical events,” said Dmitry Kupriyanov, deputy of the Ukhta City Council, deputy secretary of the local political council. In the Sysolsky district, party members timed a friendly volleyball match between the teams of the administrations of Syktyvkar and the Sysolsky district to coincide with National Unity Day. The game turned out to be interesting and entertaining and took place in a friendly but competitive atmosphere. In a bitter struggle, the team of the Sysolsky district administration won with a score of 3:1. And in the Izhemsky district, a festive charity concert was held on National Unity Day. Together with their fellow villagers, activists of the local branch of United Russia took part in the holiday, which symbolizes the unity and strength of our Motherland.

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