More than two thousand schoolchildren defended their works in the VyatGU project “Exploring. We design. Let’s imagine.”

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Vyatka State University project “Research. We design. Introducing”, implemented in 11 general education organizations in the city of Kirov, received a grant from the “First Movement” and is aimed at attracting schoolchildren to project and research activities and developing mentoring at the “teacher-student” and “student” levels. -student”, “teacher-student-student”. Work on school projects lasted six weeks. In the “Project Design” course, student mentors, together with their students, generated ideas and brought them to life, and now defended their design initiatives in front of specialists. Venue of the defenses – Kirov schools No. 14, 30, 47, 56, A. Greene gymnasium, gymnasium No. 46 and Lyceum No. 21 in Kirov. At the general meeting, schoolchildren, their mentors – students and teachers – were welcomed by representatives of the basic department of pedagogical technologies and thematic methods of the Pedagogical Institute of Vyatka State University and the regional branch of the “First Movement”, who noted the contribution of teacher-mentors in working with schoolchildren and presented them with letters of gratitude. Then the guys They went to defend their projects in the offices where expert commissions were waiting for them. 86 people became experts, including university teachers and students, school teachers in the Kirov region and representatives of the Institute for Educational Development in the Kirov region. All children were presented with certificates of participation and gifts from the organizers. Schoolchildren were also invited to take part in master classes by second-year students on carrying out design and research activities using sets of electronic equipment purchased by the university with a grant. Students presented a large number of works, completely different in topic and content. Thus, third-graders from school No. 14 presented the collection “Back to the Past” and the board game “Mati-Lando,” and sixth-graders presented the design project “Your City…”. Children created a bag with sights of the city of Kirov. The staff of school No. 30 presented a calendar of healthy habits “Health and point”, and students of the gymnasium named after. Alexandra Grina is a guide to cultural places in Kirov. Pupils of the Kirov Estimator presented the project “Sawmill-23: a mobile sawmill”. Their product is a model of a LEGO Mindstorms Inventor machine for cutting down trees and then planting seedlings. It’s incredible that the boys combined the development of technology and ecology! First-year students from school No. 56 presented the project “Don’t throw it away, recycle it!: a didactic alphabet game for preschoolers made from matchboxes.” Seventh-graders defended the Caterpillar Challenge project, and students from school No. 24 defended a search on Theater Square. Olga Vavilova, project curator of the regional branch of the Movement of the First, noted: The project “We design. Let’s investigate. Let’s imagine.” – a unique opportunity to express yourself and realize your plans in a team of like-minded people and mentors. Familiarity with project activities already in the first grade will allow each student to make a qualitative leap in learning. Also, a participant, student of school No. 30 Vasilisa Koroleva, shared her impressions of the project: “Carrying out project activities is a very interesting and useful experience in life. We managed to create everything we wanted, of course not perfectly,” but even this we could not have done without the knowledge we received. In fact, it was very useful for us, we learned a lot of information that will be useful to us in the future. Children, received the approval of specialists, will be invited to the All-Russian competition “Great Idea!” 6+, which is traditionally held at Vyatka State University. The Russian children’s and youth movement was created on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The “First Movement” received its name following the election results at the First Congress of the Russian Children and Youth Movement in Moscow, held from December 18 to 20. The delegates also approved 12 areas of work and 11 common values, including “Life and Dignity”, “Patriotism”, “Goodness and Justice”, “Creative Work”, “Strong Family” and others. Among the main missions of the participants are “Be with Russia”, “Be human”, “Be together”, “Be in the Movement”, “Be first”. The activities of the Movement are aimed at creating opportunities for comprehensive development. and self-realization, professional guidance for children, as well as organization of leisure activities. You can join the Movement from the age of six. Participants can be minors studying in primary general, basic general, secondary vocational and higher education programs. MSawmill-23 – msamvil23, LEGO Mindstorms Inventor – LEGO Mindstorms Inventor

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