In Syktyvkar, at the gala concert of the XXII International Competition of Young Singers for the Olga Sosnovskaya Prize, the name of the Grand Prix winner was announced.

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In Syktyvkar, at the gala concert of the XXII International Competition of Young Singers for the Olga Sosnovskaya Prize, the name of the winner of the Main Prize was announced. Prize, the name of the Grand Prix winner was announced. In Syktyvkar, the XXII ended with a triumphant gala concert of the International Competition of Young Singers for the Olga Sosnovskaya Prize. The winners of the competition were present at the event, and at the end of the evening the long-awaited winner of the main prize of the competition was announced. It was 19-year-old singer from Yaroslavl Ilya Terekhin. “This is not the first time Ilya has participated in the competition, and this time he amazed us all with his performance. The jury agreed that we have before us a full-fledged artist, a master of the stage. It’s doubly pleasant to announce my well-deserved victory,” Olga Sosnovskaya, chairman of the competition jury, announced the winner. The prize was also awarded to the teacher of the Grand Prix winner, Nina Bystrova. The gala concert took place today in the hall named after. art gymnasium under the head of the Komi Republic named after Yu. A. Spiridonov This year the competition celebrates its 30th anniversary, it is timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of Sergei Rachmaninov and the Year of Teacher and Mentor declared in Russia in 2023. “As always, the results of the competition for us are new names, new people, discoveries, faces. They have an even greater creative life ahead; our most important task is to find talents and help them continue this creative life. Teachers and jury. participants always help our stars shine brighter, like one big family of more than 2.5 thousand people. In the competition we try to honor the maximum number of people, the main prize, of course, is only one, there are few winners, but emphasizing the art, musicianship of the performer and prospects always give a small step forward.” Then it all depends on the teachers how much they will advance them. Vocal, academic art is very hard psychological work, it can be compared to sports. if a person knows how to fight, then he will achieve very great results,” said project organizer Vladimir Yurkovsky. Today, laureates of past competitions perform solo on the largest stages – among them artists of the Bolshoi Theater, Mariinsky Theater and foreign stages – it is not for nothing that the competition of young singers for the Olga Sosnovskaya Prize is a musical brand of the Komi Republic. “The competition gives young singers a start in creative life; they are seen by experienced singers – the best teachers who want to see them in their classes. Those jury members who participate in the competition and conduct master classes are of a high level. They are professionals, so the contestants will learn a lot of new things, which is also important,” noted Vladimir Yurkovsky. The gala concert of the laureates marked the end of the competition, which lasted six days and included not only creative performances by the participants, but also included master classes by all jury members. “We, the jury members, thoroughly enjoyed your performance. That is, you are all very talented, not everyone received awards, but there was not a single person who deserved a low rating. We jurors are always like this; are open to you on any issue and created to help you in this difficult, but such a wonderful path of academic voices,” Olga Sosnovskaya greeted the assembled participants of the competition. The gala concert was preceded by an awards ceremony. Participants received special prizes for art and style, the work of accompanists, the contribution of teachers were awarded with prizes, and gifts from sponsors were also presented. Anna-Maria Nesterova received a large luxurious hare as the youngest participant in the competition. Yulia Artemenkova received a special award from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan – a trip to the Black Sea Dawn children’s camp. Diplomas and prizes were awarded to the winners of the competition in all four age groups: from the youngest – 9-11 years old to the oldest – 18-21 years old. A detailed protocol of the jury’s decision is published on the competition website. The concert ended with a performance by Grand Prix winner Ilya Terekhin. At a professional level, he performed Leporello’s aria from Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni and the Russian folk song Kaby Volga-Mother.

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