“I’m the boss, pick up the phone,” scammers have come up with a new way of deception in the Rostov region

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The head of the Matveevo-Kurgan region, Dina Alborova, spoke about the new method of fraud on her social networks. «Dear friends! Today on Telegram scammers write in MY account name, which I will add here. It’s not me — it’s a fake account! I sincerely ask you, if they wrote to you, don’t even engage in dialogue! Excuses can be very different! everything from an important message and a request to vote for a child to a lack of money to buy medicine or participate in a drawing. Under no circumstances follow suspicious links, even if they were sent by friends, and do not enter confidential data on third-party sites! Be careful!» . According to the government of the Rostov region, this is a new type of fraud. Fraudsters write to employees from fake pages of organizational leaders. You are asked to pick up the phone and then asked for confidential information or asked to perform illegal activities. Also, messages are sent from fake pages asking for contact information of scammers. Note that one of the branches of the Blokpad network has already tried to pull off a similar scam, so we can confirm the authenticity of these scams. We urge citizens to be vigilant and not to provide information on social networks, instant messengers or by telephone that could harm the security of the state. D. Pautova Previously, we reported that my daughter was in an accident: in Taganrog, a fraudster accidentally deceived a woman. A 59-year-old local resident contacted the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city of Taganrog and reported that she had become a victim of scammers. 2748 News about Notepad-Taganrog

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