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Photo: Government of the Murmansk Region Guests of the Russia exhibition forum in Moscow will be able to try kalach with Murmansk salmon and butter. Its cost is 580 rubles per 240 grams. At the House of Russian Cuisine, at the stand of the Murmansk region, the Arctic Moon restaurant team will talk about the traditions and culture of the region’s cuisine and present several dishes. – pearl barley – northern pearl barley pilaf with venison cabbage, cabbage and blueberries, pancakes with clouds and sour cream, solyanka with venison, pine nuts and blueberries, Russian cucumber brine soup with trout and Murmansk cod “Kalya”, Sogrevaika tea. The general menu of the exhibition also includes White Sea chicken with northern shrimp for 450 rubles, blueberry juice with Karelian herbs for 150 rubles and venison ribbon with artisan bread for 850 rubles. Gastroesthetes will definitely find something to their liking. The exhibition includes fried cheese with clouds and White Sea salt for 550 rubles, venison steak with potatoes and blueberry sauce for 1,090 rubles and fir lemonade for 400 rubles. Some unusual dishes for ordinary Russians include khugashba, a traditional nomadic dish – liver in a “shirt” of internal lamb fat for 350 rubles, or Buryat green tea with milk for 350 rubles. You can try something more familiar, but with unusual ingredients – vinaigrette with rutabaga and yellow beets for 380 rubles, chicken cabbage soup with sauerkraut for 460 rubles. For meat lovers, the menu includes Altai marbled beef shurpa for 570 rubles or oxtail soup for 530 rubles, as well as much more. Let us remind you that the Murmansk region will present an exhibition about the region’s achievements at the “Russia” exhibition forum in Moscow. Guests will see the main symbols of the Kola Peninsula: the northern lights, a monument to the defenders of the Soviet Arctic and a nuclear icebreaker breaking the ice. Read also: The share of non-cash payments in Russia exceeded 80%

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