Exercising specific muscles and massaging two points can relieve headaches without medication.

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Headache torments many people, but not everyone thinks about the causes of this symptom, preferring to simply endure the pain, noted rehabilitation specialist, mechanotherapy specialist, founder and director of the Mechanotherapy Center. Gustav Zander Vladimir Bondarenko. Instead of self-medication, it is better to consult a doctor, he is sure. According to the rehabilitation specialist, headaches are often associated with the condition of the spine and neck muscles, but many patients do not even suspect it. The cause of headaches often lies in diseases of the cervical and thoracic spine, as well as in poor functioning of the long extensors of the neck – the muscles that connect to the back of the head. For most people who experience headaches, the trapezius muscles (the trapezius muscles located in the upper back and back of the neck – ed.) spasm and the shoulders become “rocky.” Muscle problems lead to disruption of the venous outflow from the head. Our intracranial pressure may increase, we begin to react to stress, to changes in weather, we begin to lack sleep, we are in a bad mood,” Vladimir Bondarenko explained in an interview with Sputnik radio. Treatment helps eliminate such causes of headaches, but this requires an examination so that the doctor can make an accurate diagnosis, the expert continued. First of all, it is necessary to do an MRI of the cervical and thoracic spine. And you definitely need to do research on ships to understand where which ships do not work. Then we choose ways to combat headaches. For example, before you start training certain muscles, which is often called strengthening the muscle corset, it is necessary for the tissues to “breathe”, become soft and mobile. This can be achieved with the help of massage, needles, leeches,” said Vladimir Bondarenko. According to him, headaches should not be tolerated, but regular use of painkillers should also be avoided. The specialist gave advice on how to get rid of painful sensations without taking medications. An effective method that helps a large percentage of people is massaging the base of the skull. Using your thumbs, slowly massage the back of your head: from the center in both directions, almost to the ears. You can also work the pectoralis minor muscle. There is a dimple where the shoulder and collarbone connect, most of us will feel an unpleasant pain if you press there – this dimple can also be massaged, recommended Vladimir Bondarenko. Prevention of headaches includes morning exercises and walks in the fresh air, he concluded.

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