“Danilovtsy” invites those who wish to read books aloud to the orphanage pupils

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An online book club has opened in an orphanage for students in grades 1-2. Two meetings have already taken place: an introductory meeting and the first meeting. “The children are wonderful, very open, curious, sociable and do not like children “from the system” at all, as they are usually presented,” says Tatyana Razheva, coordinator of the volunteer group. It was decided to start with the story “Kitten Shmyak. Let’s play!” Rob Scotton. After reading, we talked about what games children like to play and invited them to play Crocodile. The children got involved in the game, easily guessed what the volunteers told them, and then began to come up with riddles themselves. Anyone who loves children’s literature, knows it well, knows how to read aloud to children clearly and beautifully, plays with them or conducts master classes (online), can join the group on Danilovtsev’s website.

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