Before the cold weather and the first wet snow in Vladivostok, queues formed at tire shops (PHOTO)

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On the eve of the bad weather, queues of people wishing to change their summer tires to winter ones formed outside tire shops in Vladivostok. In some places you will have to stand for one and a half to two hours, while in others everything is already planned not only for today, but also for several days in advance. There are four cars parked in one workshop on Nekrasovskaya; According to the mechanics, the wait is at least another hour and a half, but you can’t make an appointment. The other one is also a live row, there are already six cars in it. The third is by appointment only, the next window is Tuesday. “Now we are in peak season. We also sell tires, so tire replacement is not our main income. But twice a year, when we change tires from summer to winter and vice versa, we make good money,” said the master mechanic. from a tire store on Nekrasovskaya. On Sakhalinskaya, where they not only change shoes, but also store tires for customers until the next season, at the end of October the entire queue for replacement and storage was scheduled for two weeks in advance. There is a large car service center on Snegovaya, where at the same time changing the wheels of four cars. There are about 15 other cars in the parking lot, and someone is constantly driving up. The queue is live only, but it moves quickly. “I was still going to change the tires, but there was no time. And then within two days I received two SMS messages from the Ministry of Emergency Situations that it would snow soon. It’s the weekend, so I’m leaving. There are queues. Everywhere, in one place there were eight cars, I went to Snegovaya, there were six of them. I waited an hour, they say I’ll have to wait another hour somewhere,” said Alexander. Queues in the Nadezhdinsky district also appeared for those who postponed changing tires for the long weekend and decided to combine it with a trip home. In such workshops, where few people come on ordinary days, there are a lot of cars. Prices everywhere generally vary from 700-800 rubles, if it is a passenger car and only requires wheel replacement and balancing. If you need to remove summer tires from your rims and put winter ones on them, it costs 1500-1800 rubles. For SUVs, the service can cost 2000-3000 rubles. Let us remind you that on the night of November 6 the weather in Vladivostok will begin to deteriorate. In half a day, up to 70 mm of precipitation is expected, with wind gusts of up to 27 m/s. Forecasters predict wet snow on November 7.

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