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Three audio games for children and adults with visual impairments were released by the Sensor-Tech laboratory. Each game is a branched plot where the blind person, guided by questions and advice, must independently choose further actions. Gaming is expected to become a tool of entertainment, socialization and self-expression for people who previously felt excluded from the world of gaming. Dean Explores the Planet is an educational game for young children. They will learn about natural phenomena, rare animals, and will be able to develop memory and spatial thinking. “Martian Detective” is a science fiction game for teenagers that develops logic and critical thinking. “The Prank Department” is a humorous game for adults. You have to be cunning and earn points. Famous announcers and dubbing actors took part in the dubbing of audio games. The project “Audio Games for the Socialization of the Blind and Visually Impaired” by the Connection Charitable Foundation received the support of a Presidential Grant. Photo: “Svyaz” (Moscow)

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