An outbreak of community-acquired pneumonia among children was recorded in Polyarnye Zori

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News | 03 11 2023, 19:13 | SeverPost Photo: SeverPost / Anna Kuznetsova In Polyarnye Zory there is an unfavorable sanitary and epidemiological situation, the intensity of the disease of community-acquired pneumonia doubles every week. This was reported by the chief state sanitary doctor of Polyarnye Zori, Yulia Romanova. She demanded that by November 12 “to ensure the separation of children in educational institutions of any form of ownership by organizing correspondence education.” Also, according to townspeople, some children’s institutions are closed. “Apparently, the leaders decided to limit visits to the Children’s Creativity Center and the sports school,” Maxim Pukhov, the head of Polyarnye Zori, confirmed to SeverPost. The incidence of community-acquired pneumonia is 763 per 100 thousand inhabitants, which is already 3 times higher than the incidence rate of the last epidemic season. “Currently, the epidemic situation in the municipality of Polyarnye Zori with its secondary territory is in the zone of increasing incidence of community-acquired pneumonia and ARVI among the child population. The incidence of ARVI from week 40 is 1074 per 100 thousand inhabitants. , which exceeds the epidemic threshold,” Romanova’s letter says. “On the territory of the municipality, more than 10 cases of community-acquired pneumonia were registered during one incubation period, namely, from October 12 to the present, 41 people fell ill with pneumonia, of which 31 were schoolchildren and 1 teacher. 22 children with moderate severity of the disease were hospitalized,” Romanova wrote. Let us remind you that in the Murmansk region, until October 30, about 200 thousand people were vaccinated against influenza, including 58,260 children. Read also: The Ministry of Health carried out vaccinations and supported the idea of ​​​​introducing a nurse position in schools. To be the first to know about the main news and the most important events of the day, subscribe to our Telegram channel.

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