An exhibition of works from the neighborhoods of the “House in the Sun” center has opened in Moscow. • Russia today

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Exhibition “There are many good deeds in the world!” – there are several dozen creative works here: mosaics, drawings, woolen toys. All these jobs are usually carried out by the wards of “House in the Sun”. “The works presented at the exhibition were collected a long time ago. Our students worked on the mosaic, drawing what they wanted at the moment, or what they planned with the teacher. Only a small part of the works was prepared specifically for the exhibition,” says Inga Zhgenti, head of the day employment center “House in the Sun”. Some works were created by a team of authors, for example, a large mosaic was made in parts and then assembled into a single composition. Photo: Anastasia Chistyakova / courtesy of the Lifestyle Foundation Among the works are a pink whale princess made using dry felt technique, a cat with blue eyes made from paper scraps, and landscapes in mixed media. As Inga Zhgenti notes, there is no general theme of the exhibition, but there is one recurring motif. “Our main idea is to show what we know and can do, what techniques our students use, how they see the world and the environment, nature, animals, birds. That is, a lot is devoted to the “life” theme,” notes the head of the day employment center “House in the Sun.” About the day employment center The Day Employment Center “House in the Sun” is a project of the Lifestyle Charitable Foundation. The center works for children and youth with developmental disabilities. Each ward has its own social adaptation route, developed by the foundation’s specialists. More than one person visits the center every week. 70 people, including creative workshops. that they work there. Under the guidance of mentors, they sculpt, draw and felt wool. Photo: Anastasia Chistyakova / provided by the Lifestyle Foundation “It is very important not to overload the author, to hear what a person wants, to understand how he sees the world and how he wants to convey it. The role of the teacher is to explain to the student how to realize his idea and accompany him on his creative path. Sometimes try to combine the child’s vision and the possibilities of the material with which the student is working,” says Inga Zhgenti. The Foundation pays attention to such creativity, since it is often the only tool that reveals the emotions and experiences of a person with developmental disabilities. The Foundation tries to help wards express themselves. Exhibition “There are many good deeds in the world!” will last until December 10, 2023. You can see the work of sections of the Lifestyle Foundation at the State Darwin Museum (Moscow, Vavilova St., 57).

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