Amendments have been made to the State Duma on benefits for air defense military personnel and their children upon admission to universities

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Members of the working group on special operations introduced amendments to the State Duma that will provide benefits to SVO participants and their children when entering colleges and technical schools, TASS reports with reference to the Telegram channel of the head of the working group. Andrey. Turchak. “Participants of the SVO and their children will receive benefits when entering colleges and technical schools – they will be accepted on a priority basis, regardless of the results in the certificate and without a contract of targeted training,” he wrote, adding that the members of the SVO Working Group on the SVO presented the corresponding amendments to the State Duma. Turchak noted that changes in legislation do not mean that such candidates will be accepted without competition. “But other things being equal (for example, the same number of points), those who participated in the special operation and their children will have an advantage,” he noted, adding that the children of police officers and military personnel who died during the special operation will have an advantage. operations or were seriously injured will be able to enter cadet and other military schools without competition. He recalled that similar measures had previously been taken against universities at the initiative of the working group on STE. “We hope that in the near future they will begin to work in institutions of secondary vocational education,” Turchak concluded.

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