A school for 825 places was built in Syktyvkar – Russia today

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In Syktyvkar, construction of a school for 825 places in the city of Emval continues. Reinforced concrete structures (columns, crossbars, floor slabs, wall panels) are fully installed on the first floor, 95% on the second floor, and 80% on the third floor. The installation of external networks has been completed: sewerage – 100%; low-current networks – 99%; water supply – 100%; storm sewerage – 95%; lower drainage – 100%; electrical networks – 100%; heating main – 100%. The laying of the first and second floors has been completed, the third floor is 75% complete. The installation of floor slabs on three floors has been completed, 90% in conference rooms and gyms. Work is underway on the installation of wall panels, staircase floors, installation of monolithic partitions, masonry of the third floor, installation of internal engineering systems, installation of a water metering unit in the basement, ventilation ducts on the second and third floors, installation of ventilation rooms in the basement, installation of windows, laying of pressure sewerage. Two of the three GTO objects have been completed, the installation of floor slabs on the first floor, the construction of sidewalks, roofing work are underway, and the delivery of small architectural forms is underway. According to the work schedule, installation was planned to be completed in December 2023. However, the manufacturer changed the delivery schedule for reinforced concrete structures, and the last structures for the building’s façade arrived only before the end of October. In this regard, the completion date of the school has been postponed to 2024, reports the press service of the head of Komi.

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