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There was no calculation of the operation – the correspondence of the weight of the cargo to the boom radius, the permissible load of the crane at this radius. Either the offset is smaller, or the section is disconnected higher than what is here. Apparently they wanted it faster. But the situation was read without calculation.

Although one might think that they probably saved money on the crane; it was needed with a larger lifting capacity. Sometimes the crawl leads to a very large hitch.

But you can’t evaluate the crane’s characteristics from afar. At construction sites and installations such situations are not uncommon – you have to work close to the limits. Accurate calculation with the necessary margin saves. Here the crane itself is standing without tipping over (in the process, before the accident). Breaking the boom is not the same flight. Decides – the crane is closer, the boom has a shorter reach (lowering), the cable hook is higher on the mounted section. And the section can be reduced according to its weight, reach and load capacity.

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