A kindergarten group was infected with a sexually transmitted infection by a teacher who hid the diagnosis.

A shocking event occurred in Chelyabinsk that outraged the public.

The kindergarten teacher, a 23-year-old girl, suffered from syphilis, a severe and contagious sexually transmitted disease. She did not inform the parents of the children she worked with and continued to contact them. When she confessed to her superiors, she was forbidden to talk about the name of the disease and a doctor was called. The doctor told the parents they needed blood tests to check if they had an infection, but did not explain what kind of danger their children were facing. The teacher insisted that everything would be fine and avoided answering questions.

However, one of the kids has already contracted syphilis. 3-year-old Sasha developed symptoms of the disease – fever and mouth ulcers. The parents filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office.

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