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Psychological and legal consultations were organized for citizens. “According to the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia at the beginning of 2023, there are more than 433 thousand people in institutions of the penal system,” says Victoria Makarchuk, First Vice-President of the Russian Red Cross, President of the Khabarovsk Territory. region. RKK branch. “After release, people face a number of problems: many cannot get a job, not everyone has the opportunity to return to their loved ones.” Some regional branches of the Russian Red Cross provide assistance to former prisoners, including with resocialization. A social rehabilitation center for former prisoners operates on the basis of the Vologda regional branch of the RKK. Since 2018, about 200 people have received help and support. The social rehabilitation center of the Vologda regional branch of the RKK has everything necessary for persons released from prison and colonies: bedrooms for men and women, a clothing warehouse, a dining room, classrooms. There is a sewing workshop in the center where residents of the center sew clothes. Some branded vests of the Russian Red Cross were sewn at the Vologda Rehabilitation Center. “It is desirable that centers such as this project of the Russian Red Cross be in every city. A person must be able to adapt to life in freedom so that he has a place where he can come at any time and ask for support. This will help, I believe, to reduce the number of repeat crimes among former convicts,” said Veronica, who has been living and working in a rehabilitation center for four years. The social rehabilitation center not only provides ex-prisoners with the opportunity to work and develop social connections, but also encourages the values ​​and principles of the Russian Red Cross. A psychologist works with people. “The Red Cross employees helped me a lot, one might say they set me up: they helped me get temporary registration and registration, and got me a job as a seamstress at the regional office. I didn’t need anything, and I’m very grateful to them for that,” says Olga, who, after being released from places of forced detention, turned to the RKK. In addition to the social rehabilitation center, in the Khabarovsk regional branch of the Russian Red Cross, former convicts can receive humanitarian and psychological assistance, as well as legal advice. “We have been running this project for several years, providing humanitarian and legal assistance to people who have just been released from pre-trial detention center. Since 2020, 267 people have received such support from us,” notes Victoria Makarchuk. People released from places of forced detention Detainees can receive help in the regional branches of the RKK in the Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod, Belgorod, Tyumen, Rostov and Arkhangelsk regions, as well as in the Republic of Tatarstan. Over the past year, 70 people in need received such support there. The Russian Red Cross also provides assistance to people in places of forced detention. In some regions of Russia, representatives of the RRC are members of public control commissions that visit colonies. In addition, in a number of regions of the country, for example, in the Khabarovsk Territory, branches of the Russian Red Cross provide assistance to HIV- positive prisoners RKK employees conduct trainings aimed at psychological support for prisoners, popularizing knowledge about what HIV infection is and how it is transmitted, as well as how it is related to pregnancy. “Thanks to what I learned from a psychologist and social worker, I decided for myself: you can live with HIV. The classes were very interesting. What I liked most is that they listen to you and take your opinion into account. Now I know a lot about HIV infection, how to live with it, about methods of protection,” said Evgenia, who is serving a sentence in one of the colonies of the Khabarovsk Territory and attended trainings of the regional branch of the RKK.

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