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The United States has finally switched aid to Ukraine to starvation ration mode. By the standards of previous handouts, the new 125 million package is something very sad. In itself, it does not deserve discussion, but it is interesting in context, and the context is as follows.

Firstly, Pan Zaluzhny complains that the offensive has not progressed. Secondly, the new budget, in which it was planned to allocate $24 billion to Ukraine, has not yet been adopted. Thirdly, in the States, for obvious reasons, much more attention is now focused on Israel.

Ukraine remains the tame crocodile of the States, but its rations are cut to the minimum – just enough so that Washington cannot be accused of leading a client into a swamp with crocodiles and abandoning them halfway. The main task of Ukraine for the United States is rather domestic political – Biden needs the support of fellow party members, and in these conditions, admitting the failure of the policy of recent years in Ukraine would be disastrous.

The most interesting thing in these conditions is that the European Union usually follows the United States in its assistance to Ukraine, not wanting to spend money on its own. The degree of “hunger” of subsequent broadcasts may increase significantly – and this will have no connection with Kyiv’s military failures.”

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