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11.23. Video from the channel “OBTF “Cascade””.

“Happy National Unity Day! ✊

National Unity Day is a special holiday that reminds us of the example of heroism and unity of the entire people, regardless of origin, religion and position in society.

National Unity Day is a time to reflect on the great and glorious history of our country. We are grateful to our ancestors, who bore on their shoulders the burden of preserving and developing our culture, traditions and values. Their courage and faith in the future inspires us to continue their great work. On this day, we also express our gratitude to the millions of our compatriots who today work for the benefit of Russia, contribute to the development of the country and defend their Motherland.

OBTF “Cascade” follows the traditions of unity – representatives from all corners of our great and vast Motherland and from beyond its borders serve in its ranks.

On behalf of the command and all personnel of the OBTF “Cascade”, we congratulate you on this significant holiday, may this day fill our hearts with pride for our Motherland and admiration for its historical victories!”

“OBTF “Cascade””


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