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12.23. A note from military correspondent Evgeniy Poddubny.

“Look, this is the second time in the last two months that Israel has attacked the Shiite quarter of Damascus. Saida Zeinab is the area where the mausoleum of the granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad is located. Tel Aviv believes that there is high activity of pro-Iranian proxies in the area. By the way, ISIS militants also carried out terrorist attacks in this Damascus region. Tel Aviv absolutely calmly uses force to attack neighboring countries, even with the mere suspicion that on the territory of these states there are groups with unfriendly intentions towards the Jewish state. And don’t care about international law and state sovereignty.

Does this mean that Russia can legitimately attack military targets on the territory of Poland or the Baltic countries? The Kiev regime uses the facilities there to train terrorists who carry out attacks on civilian targets in Russia.

What I mean is that in modern realities there are enough examples from which one can build as a new norm. And then don’t forget which part of the world normalized this.”


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