Yuzhnouralsk NGO will conduct free classes for children with speech impairments

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The project “I will speak correctly” in the city of Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, is being implemented by the ANO “Our Children”. The project participants included 30 children with speech and related disorders from large, poor and single-parent families. For 10 months, they will be treated free of charge by defectologists, speech therapists and psychologists from the Our Children’s Center for Social Assistance to Children. “If speech patterns are not corrected in time, this will lead to serious problems in mastering the curriculum in kindergarten and school. For some, this may result in low motivation to study, and for others, it may end up in a special school. Psychologically it will be “It will be difficult for them too. As practice has shown, families in need do not have the opportunity to pay for classes with specialists. Therefore, we decided to help them,” Anastasia Markova, head of the ANO “Our Children,” told ASI. The project organizes seminars and master classes for parents. There they will receive detailed information about the speech and mental development of children. “Some parents don’t even know the developmental norms of their child. They think there is nothing wrong with him not speaking at three years old. Every month we will hold meetings with specialists. Our project is aimed at results, and at the end we will diagnose the children and see the dynamics,” concluded Markova. The project of the children’s assistance center “Our Children” “I will speak correctly” won a grant from the governor of the Chelyabinsk region.

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