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On the main stage of the city, there was a breakdown in the mechanism of the fire screen – a partition that should prevent the spread of fire in the building of the State Palace of Culture in the event of a fire. A wall weighing several tons was stuck on the stage. Information about this appeared on social networks. The day before, the DK group published information about the cancellation of the concert for National Unity Day, which was supposed to take place on November 4. The play “Hunting for Men”, which was supposed to be shown on November 5, has also been postponed. The mayor of Ukhta, Magomed Osmanov, commented on the situation: “Nothing terrible happened at the State House of Culture. During a scheduled inspection of the fire curtain on November 2 at 10:30, the structure was deformed, due to which the cable carrying the load on the left side of the stage curtain of the large hall could break. Further use and operation of the fire curtain were associated with risks, so a decision was made to cancellation of the event for technical reasons. Magomed Osmanov emphasized that there is no such situation. Cause for concern. Now experts decide.

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