Tomsk shelter for homeless animals “Totoshka” needs help • Russia today

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In June 2022, when the Totoshka shelter was about to close, the situation was saved by Tomsk residents, and the shelter continued its work. As of September 2023, the shelter was not experiencing any significant financial problems. Donations were enough to cover food, rent, animal treatment and other needs. Today the situation has become so difficult that it is unknown whether the shelter will be able to survive this year. The shelter currently houses 110 animals. Of these, 20% are animals over 10 years old, which means no one will take them home. Many need examination and treatment. Three cats are in danger. The food situation is very difficult: it is difficult to find enough money to buy a bag of food that will last for three days. You can support the shelter on the website of the Totoshka Charitable Foundation for Helping Homeless Animals or on the fund’s page on the social network VKontakte.

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