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News | 05 11 2023, 17:05 | SeverPost Photo: SeverPost / Narmina Titova There are 350 tons of fuel on the barge that separated from the Solombalets-3 tugboat. “Weather conditions, as experts specify, did not allow the crew to launch another rope.” The situation is really difficult; A barge in a stormy sea is not the most noticeable object. And in the event of a collision with another ship, in addition to a crash, a real environmental disaster may occur,” writes the Rybfront Telegram channel. Let us remind you that on November 2, in the Barents Sea, the cable connecting it to the barge broke off on the tug “Solombalets-3”. Search and rescue service personnel flew to the scene of the incident by helicopter. The North-Western Transport Prosecutor’s Office organized an investigation into the incident with the tug and barge. Read also: Murmansk communists congratulated the Norwegians on the centenary of the celebration To be the first to learn about the main news and most important events of the day, subscribe to our Telegram channel.

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