The youngest residents of Syktyvkar were told about national unity through game programs

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The youngest Syktyvkar residents were told through game programs about national unity by the Central Department. Store in Syktyvkar. On National Unity Day, teachers dispersed throughout the city, each organization received its own website, and everyone could take part in gaming and educational events. At the Children’s World complex, teachers from the Palace of Creativity for Children and Students of Syktyvkar conduct the program “I, You, He, She – Together a Friendly Country!”, dedicated to the gaming culture of the peoples of Russia. . As Oksana Smirnova, deputy director of the Palace of Creativity, told Komiinform, the program includes musical, dance and sports tasks dedicated to the various peoples of our country. “The main goal of all games is to unite people and show that we are united and on the same team. Our teacher-organizers involve passers-by with children in the process, give tasks and explain the rules of games to the accompaniment of music,” explained O. Smirnova. According to the interlocutor, such playgrounds in the city are held not only on National Unity Day. Each cultural or educational institution held mass playgrounds for children on weekends in different places of the city, in the center, in “Orbit”. , and in Kirov Park. Another place for family communication was the area near the Central Department Store, where the children’s game program “It’s Fun to Walk Together” was held. Passers-by with children could also take part in street competitions with elements of national and traditional games of the peoples of Russia.

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