The Russian armed forces in the Kupyansk direction launched successful strikes against the personnel and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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The head of the press center of the “Zapadnaya” group, Sergei Zybinsky, said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the direction of Kupyansk destroyed the artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a mortar crew, and the group’s aviation attacked points of temporary deployment and concentration of labor, RIA Novosti reports. “The enemy’s total losses amounted to up to 125 military personnel, two armored combat vehicles,” noted Sergei Zybinsky. The group’s artillery destroyed two 122-mm D-30 artillery guns, an AN/TPQ-36 anti-battery radar station, an ammunition depot and a mortar crew in the Lozovaya, Proletarsky, Stepovaya, Novoselovka, Petropavlovka and Peschany areas. Western aviation attacked the temporary deployment points of the 32nd mechanized brigade in the Timkovka area. Ka-52 and Mi-28 helicopters discovered and destroyed concentrations of manpower, weapons and military equipment of the 57th motorized rifle brigade and the 32nd mechanized brigade in the area of ​​​​the settlements of Ivanovka and Sinkovka. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, in the Kupyansky direction in recent days, the Ukrainian armed forces have lost more than 750 military personnel, 7 tanks, 8 armored combat vehicles, 17 vehicles, 16 field artillery guns, as well as 2 MLRS installations. . .

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