Tangerines in Russia have almost doubled in price over the year • Russia today

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Over the past year, tangerines in Russia have risen in price by an average of 70%, and by the New Year they may rise in price by another 5%. In Moscow, prices for tangerines from China and Africa reach 500 rubles per kilogram; Abkhaz tangerines in Sochi and Krasnodar cost about 300 rubles, and in other regions they are noticeably more expensive, reports the “Vystrel” Telegram channel. The main reasons for the rise in price of the main New Year’s fruits are the exchange rate of the ruble, rising transport costs and problems with suppliers (in Israel there is war, in Abkhazia and Azerbaijan there is a crop failure). It was planned to cover the shortage of tangerines through supplies from Turkey and Iran, but pests were found in a batch of citrus fruits from there – the Mediterranean fruit fly and the polyphagous humpback fly.

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