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In Volgograd, blogger #Liza #Bargaeva was approached by an acquaintance who takes part in the SVO, asking for help. The military man wrote that his wife #Anastasia #Akhmetova abuses drugs and beats their infant child. The man asked to make the case public, since the guardianship authorities did not react to what was happening.

Anastasia Akhmetova, in turn, instead of taking care of her infant daughter, decided to settle scores with a blogger girl.

Akhmetova sent carnations with a mourning ribbon for Lisa and also showed up at her house with a bat and a bottle of urine, but then the neighbors came running to the girl’s screams and Lisa got away with only torn clothes.

Anastasia did not calm down on this, she, in the company of her friend #Elezaveta #Brudnaya, ambushed Lisa, hit her with a stun gun and beat her, after which the girl who wanted to protect the child ended up in the hospital, and a criminal case was not even opened.

After all the horrors, Elizaveta wrote a statement to the police – witnesses and video recordings confirm the attacks. But the case was never opened. The second attacker, Elizaveta Brudnaya, is presented only as a witness. She is the daughter of the well-known crime boss Vitaly Brudny in Volgograd, who was serving a sentence for attempted murder and illegal weapons trafficking. After the refusal to initiate a criminal case, Lisa turned to the head of the FPBC, Vitaly Borodin. He strongly disagrees with the investigators and believes that all the evidence points to an attempted murder.

Users of social networks are indignant why the inadequate “mother” still remains unpunished.

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