Residents of Taganrozh were congratulated on National Unity Day – Russia today

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Today Russia celebrates one of the youngest holidays – National Unity Day. November 4 is the day of military glory of Russia. The history of the celebration dates back to 1612, when the people’s militia led by Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky liberated Moscow from Polish invaders. This holiday was first included in the calendar in 2005 – as the Day of National Unity, symbolizing the unity of the people, thanks to which a great historical victory took place. Residents of the city are congratulated on the holiday by the head of the Taganrog administration Andrey Fateev and the head of the city, chairman of the city duma Inna Titarenko. “Dear residents of Taganrog! Please accept my warmest congratulations on National Unity Day! This holiday symbolizes the connection of centuries and generations, our loyalty to the centuries-old traditions of unity, our spiritual strength and responsibility for the fate of the Motherland. And today, when Western politicians have overplayed their hand with their provocative actions, they are bringing the edge of a planetary catastrophe closer – and for the fate of the whole world. Four centuries ago, the freedom and independence of our Motherland were under threat, and even more so the very possibility of its existence. Then our ancestors, united in a people’s militia under the leadership of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, managed to overcome disunity, defeat and expel the occupiers and restore Russian statehood. Now a no less threat hangs over Russia, which we can only resist. together, united And an example for us – an example of patriotism, citizenship and selfless love for the Motherland – was and remains the unprofessional feat of the Russian people, who stopped the Time of Troubles on our land. We are all united by desire. to see our country strong and prosperous, to live in peace and harmony. And on this day we wish you good health, happiness and mutual understanding, vigor and optimism, fruitful creative activity for the benefit of our city and our entire country!” D. Pautova Previously, we reported that search engines entered into cooperation with the Taganrog Sports School. On November 2, the search and patriotic organization “The Last Trace of War” signed a cooperation agreement with sports school No. 13 of Taganrog. 3502 News about Notepad-Taganrog

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