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News | 04 11 2023, 18:13 | SeverPost Photo: SeverPost / Alexander Loginov In Kola, local residents complain about the lack of fire hydrants in the city. According to them, on November 1, a residential building burned down on Dorozhnaya Street, 7. Firefighters looked on the map for hydrants that simply did not exist in the city. “For two hours they tried to put out a small fire, but due to the lack of hydrants they had to go to their station for water. Along Dorozhnaya Street there is a whole area of ​​private houses where families with children live. No security measures were taken. Please check!” northerners demand online. Let us remind you that in the regional center at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and Marata Street, traffic lights do not work on Saturday afternoon. Read also: Ministry of Emergency Situations: No one was injured in the SUV fire. To be the first to know about the main news and the most important events of the day, subscribe to our Telegram channel.

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