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News | 05 11 2023, 15:20 | Photo by SeverPost: Communist Party of the Russian Federation of the Murmansk Region On the centenary day of the Communist Party of Norway, Murmansk communists laid flowers at the monument to Norwegian partisans in Mesopotamia. “What a surprise it was when we saw a completely fresh FSB wreath on this memorial plaque with the names of Norwegian partisans,” one of the participants told SeverPost. Murmansk communists also prepared a video greeting for the anniversary congress of the Communist Party of Norway, which is currently taking place in Oslo. Let us remind you that in Norway, during the laying of wreaths at the liberation monument, a scandal occurred. The local mayor was upset that Russian Consul General Nikolai Konygin laid wreaths in the Norwegian direction on the front side of the monument. At the same time, the Russian wreath slightly overlapped the Norwegian wreath along the edge. Read also: The Kolts complained about the lack of fire hydrants in the city. To be the first to know the main news and the most important events of the day, subscribe to our Telegram channel.

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