Military correspondent Kots reported an attack on a Black Sea Fleet ship ” – Russia today

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Sergey Kotov”: “A story without a happy ending”
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Alexander Kots spoke about the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ hunt for the Black Sea Fleet patrol ship Sergei Kotov.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine purposefully and at least four times launched attacks on the Black Sea Fleet patrol ship Sergei Kotov, the last one could, alas, be effective. Komsomolskaya Pravda military correspondent Alexander Kots writes about this in his own telegram channel.

Let us note that the destruction of the ship is reported by Ukrainian media and alternative monitoring media in Russia. The Russian Ministry of Defense did not give official comments about the attack on the Crimean bridge or the defeat of the ship.

Kots recalled that “Sergey Kotov” successfully repelled three massive attacks using surface drones in July, August and September 2023. The military vessel is armed with two anti-sabotage grenade launcher systems, an artillery mount and two anti-aircraft systems.

“But, unfortunately, the enemy also evolves. He is reported to have fought off the BECs again last night. The crew fought heroically until the last. This can be seen from the published video. But this time it’s a story without a happy ending,” wrote Alexander Kots.

After midnight on March 5, the Crimean Bridge was closed to car traffic. Later, railway traffic was closed, stopping nine trains in both directions. In the morning, almost 8-hour restrictions on the road part of the bridge were lifted.

Military correspondent Kots reported an attack on a Black Sea Fleet ship "

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