light snow, blizzard, ice, -3…-5 °C. • Russia today

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Weather in Komi on November 5: light snow, blizzard, ice, -3…-5 °C Weather in Komi on November 5: light snow, blizzard, ice, -3…-5 °C In the republic on November 5, cloudy, treeless area, reports Komi Central State Medical University. Light snow in places at night. Wind northwest, west, southwest southeast, 4-9 m/s; in the extreme northeast gusts up to 15 m/s, snowstorm. Temperature -6…-11, when clearing -11…-16. During the day there is light precipitation (snow, snow) in places, moderate precipitation in the west of the central and northern regions. Wind in the southern quarter 6-11 m/s, in the extreme northeast west, north-west, thunderstorm 16-21 m/s, blizzard. Temperature -1…-6, in the southwest -1…+4°С. In some places in the republic there are frosts and frosts, in Syktyvkar it is cloudy, there are treeless areas. Light snow at night. Wind southeast, 4-9 m/s. Temperature -6…-8°С. The day is mostly rainless. Wind south, southeast 6-11 m/s. Temperature 0…+2°С. There is ice on the roads.

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